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How does it work?

Step 1.
You can be from anywhere in the world.
All you need are some ideas,
feelings, memories, sentiments

Step 2 - VERSION A. 
You might wish to speak with me as
we reflect on what you want to say. 
I have been interviewing people about their
lives for over 30 years. 
I hope you find insights through my  thoughtful
replaying what you say
with the utmost
Curiosity &


Step 2 - VERSION B.
You send thoughts, pictures,
dot points or even record yourself reflecting.
I can guide you with questions
that might be helpful for you. 
I can make the technology
available to easily jot down notes
or record your thoughts out loud.

Step 3. 
I write a draft poem for you
including any pictures you want to have included

Step 4.
You review the draft and decide what
you want to change.  

Step 5. 
Either you or I can make those
changes or work on it together online. 

Step 6. 
You receive the final editable copy
and a pdf version that is all yours

Step 7. 
You give the gift of poetry for
yourself and for your loved one

Robert Frost.jpg

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for the whole package is the equivalent of $330 Australian dollars --which can be paid in any currency through
PayPal or
Credit Card.  

Since you will be from all over the world, 
You can determine approximately
what that is in your currency below by changing your currency type in the right-hand circle. 
(Exact amounts in your currency will
be figured at the time of your purchase). 

Invoices will be sent to you upon commencement.



Below you will find a series of Poems I have written for others-
click on a category below to check them out
Remember that I will be writing your poem from scratch -- around the themes you want to express. 

I also recommend including pictures or drawings you can use in the background.  
This is a photo of my favourite place in the world, the Little Bay Chapel. 

The Little Bay Chapel is a five-minute walk from my home, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Sydney. 
Little Bay Chapel.jpg
Image by SJ Objio

A blessing for us

 I just know there are reasons for all that we do . . .

For all whom we meet, and all that we rue

So, the universe has brought me a gift in yourself

Tonight, I’ll toast to you and drink to our health.


So, lift your glass, and toast the moment.
That’s all that there is, no need for torment.
About pasts that can't change, about futures that don’t exist
About flaws, about jealousies, about the pain that persists.

Thank God for our humanness, and thank God for this life.
Thank God for this music which seems so rife.
It teaches us of love, of tenderness, and care,
Of friendship, of honour, of giving beyond compare.

God grant us the serenity, God grant us the love
And steer us towards Heaven, which need not exist above.
Show us the way to Heaven here on Earth,
I trust Your guidance, and I honour Our worth.


Written on the eve of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony -- 15 September 2000.  The passion was pumping through after four years of directing the operational planning for the Olympics and Paralympics 1996-2000.

Examples I have written in the past:
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Poems for Birthdays
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Poems for Weddings and Funerals ​
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Examples I have written in the past:
Retirements and Other Goodbyes
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Examples I have written in the past:
Tributes to Brilliant Organisations or People
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Examples I have written in the past:
Love Poems
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The background of this page was painted by Sarah Churchwell-Norton, a wonderful artist, facilitator, and friend.